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If you’re passionate about diving into the enchanting realm of music and have your heart set on mastering the violin, look no further. Embark on an extraordinary musical journey through the finest virtual violin lessons, expertly guided by the internationally acclaimed maestro, Keshav Mohankumar. The virtual classes are conducted through secured platforms. The online platform provides a dynamic and interactive space where you can engage with the lessons at your own pace, allowing for flexibility in your learning journey without compromising the quality of instruction.

These Indian Classical violin classes are meticulously crafted to cater to enthusiasts of all levels, whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the fundamentals or an intermediate player striving for refinement. Keshav Mohankumar’s comprehensive teaching approach encompasses technique, theory, interpretation, and the art of musical expression.

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Teaching Style

His teaching style comprises of various finger flexibility and sliding exercises composed on his own. It helps students in later stages of learning and performing. He does combinations of different patterns in all the basic lessons followed in the traditional music system. Also in the later stages of learning, his teaching will be based on instrumental style and the student is trained on how to adopt the slides or the gamakas in various ragas. His focus will be purely on strengthening the basics, in order to ensure a good foundation. Training in basics comprises of various self made techniques and exercises, which he also practices everyday without fail. Hence, any student ready to perceive the art seriously, can definitely be ensured of a happy and exciting music learning process. 

Can the Indian way of playing violin be adapted to other disciplines?.

Yes. Indian way of playing violin, gives a lot of freedom to explore different disciplines, other than playing carnatic/hindustani concerts.If the student is strong enough in basics of finger and bow, if he or she has a very good left-right synchronisation, then, the art of playing this instrument can be explored in multiple ways like playing for a film session, composing your own track, to find expression to your artwork.

Keshav specialises in this area, where he focuses predominantly on the aesthetics and technicalities of this instrument.

Being a music composer himself, at the advanced level, he even discusses on how to compose a song for a particular given theme.

He would further elaborate on the difference between composing an instrumental track, a vocal track and a Synth track.

If you are interested in the above mentioned points of learning, then book a free trial/demo session by using the contact option.

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What you will Learn



Sarale: These are basic exercise to introduce the left hand finger positions, (s r g m)

Janti: These are exercises involving double notes as opposed to single note in sarale(ss rr gg mm)

Dhatu: These are exercises involving jumbled notes containing elements of both sarale and janti (smgm rgsr)

Tharastayi and Mandarastayi: Exercises for understanding and perfection of various octaves


Exercising facilitating understanding of different rhythmic structures


Nottuswaram is a type of classical Indian music that originated in South India.


Geethams are a collection of Indian classical music compositions.


Swara Jathis

Complex rhythmic patterns in Indian classical music consisting of combinations of swaras (musical notes).


These are special exercises to facilitate understanding of advanced fingering techniques


These are exercises involving slides on the insturment


Advanced compositions involving 4 sections with sophisticated melody and rhythm



Stanard composition of trinity composers and other 2oth century composers. (E.g Vatapi, Nagumomu, Pancharatna Kritis)


Exploring and understanding of creativity in the artform. This section involves Alapana, Kalpana swara and various other aspects.


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