About the Violin Artist

Violin artist Keshav Mohankumar posing for a pic with violin in his hands


Keshav Mohankumar is a Violinist, music composer, performer and an educator.
He is a disciple of renowned carnatic violin guru Vid. H K Narasimhamurthy.

He is one of the youngest artists to have an ‘A’ Grade from All India Radio and Doordarshan.
Currently, he is a recipient of M S Subbulakshmi fellowship, from Shanmukhananda sabha, Mumbai and Sangeetha Mudhra award from Chennai.

He has taken part in world renowned concert series, Spirit Of Youth and GCMA.

He has accompanied several established classical musicians of South India.

Along with the classical accomplishments, he has also composed music for several independent albums

As a Music Composer

Keshav Mohankumar has always been a musician who is curious about creativity, innovations, in order to bring uniqueness to his territory. He naturally makes music, songs, based on real life situations, keeping in mind, technicalities and aesthetics of his instrument. Apart from 17 years of classical music career, he is into independent composing (songwriting), since 2020. His compositions, borne from a deep understanding of classical foundations, breathe new life as he explores uncharted musical territories. 


As a mentor

Being an artist who has experienced the pinnacle of classical music, now he paves his path as a mentor. His online violin lessons offer more than just guidance; they provide an opportunity to learn from a true maestro, breaking down barriers to violin proficiency regardless of your current skill level. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of music or an experienced violinist seeking to refine your craft, Keshav Mohankumar’s expert instruction caters to diverse learning needs. Master the art of Violin from your residence through virtual classes.


Violin maestro Keshav Mohankumar teaching violin lessons

Awards and Recognition

  • M S Subbulakshmi fellowship, for the year 2022
  • CCRT Central govt. scholarship recipient in the year 2014


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Teaching Style

His teaching style comprises various finger flexibility and sliding exercises composed on his own. It helps students in the later stages of learning and performing. He does combinations of different patterns in all the basic lessons followed in the traditional music system. Also in the later stages of learning, his teaching will be based on instrumental style, and the student is trained on how to adopt the slides or the gamakas in various ragas. His focus will be purely on strengthening the basics, in order to ensure a good foundation. Training in basics comprises various self-made techniques and exercises, which he also practices every day without fail. Hence, any student ready to perceive the art seriously can definitely be assured of a happy and exciting music learning process. 


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